Diversifying Strategies

Differentiated opportunities, leveraging our middle market footprint

Our Diversifying Strategies:

Private Real Assets

Long/Short Equity

Private Real Assets

Apogem Capital invests in global private natural resource opportunities with a focus on the North American middle market. We leverage over 20 years of relationships and data to capitalize on value-driven opportunities and market dislocations with a focus on total return.

We believe this segment of the private natural resources market offers key advantages relative to the larger market and public natural resources exposure, including potential inflation protection, lower correlation to public markets, and enhanced total return potential across market and commodity cycles.

Investing in natural resources is necessary to support global economic and population growth, improve quality of life, and facilitate the energy transition. We classify real assets sectors primarily into energy / energy transition, infrastructure / midstream, metals / minerals, agriculture, associated services / products, and other and consider the full real assets value chain inclusive of upstream, midstream, and downstream assets and operations.

We currently manage more than $800 million in commingled funds and custom accounts and have completed over 50 fund, co-investments, direct investments, and secondaries since 2014.

Our private real assets strategy typically targets:

  • Thematic direct equity investments in private companies across natural resources sectors and value chain
  • Investments alongside trusted sponsors with specialized expertise
  • Cash flow generating assets with minimal to no debt
  • Complementary exposure to primary funds and secondary transactions
  • Typical co-investment / direct equity commitment: $3 – $25 million

Long/Short Equity

Apogem Capital invests in global long/short equity opportunities, leveraging over 20 years of relationships, insights, and investment experience to access emerging and/or oversubscribed fund managers, co-investments, and direct equity investments.

We currently manage over $1.1 billion across commingled funds and custom accounts, including our flagship fund of funds strategy, multi-portfolio manager strategy, and direct equity strategy. Since 2001, we have completed over 100 fund investments and 75 co-investments.

We focus on a segment of the market that we believe offers key advantages relative to larger funds and long-only strategies, including long and short alpha potential, ability to capitalize on a larger array of off-the-run opportunities in small and mid-cap stocks, capital preservation during market downturns through value-focus and short exposure, and lower correlation to the broader market indexes.

Our long/short equity fund of funds strategy was launched in 2001 and typically targets:

  • 20 – 30 emerging and mid-sized funds as well as opportunistic co-investments
  • Fund managers with a proven track record of generating both long and short alpha
  • Diversified by sector, geography, and market cap

Our multi-portfolio manager long/short equity strategy was launched in 2014 and typically targets:

  • Core exposure to 8 – 12 emerging and undiscovered portfolio managers via managed accounts
  • Complementary exposure to long and short direct best ideas and co-investments sourced through our extensive network
  • Negotiated fee structures, full transparency, and enhanced risk management
  • Screened share class available that excludes companies with exposure to certain sectors

Our direct long/short equity strategy was launched in 2015 and typically targets:

  • Concentrated portfolio of direct long and short equity investments
  • Compelling investment ideas sourced through Apogem’s extensive network
  • Opportunities with an asymmetric risk/reward profile
  • Emphasis on small and mid-cap stocks and underfollowed names where we have a variant perception of value

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