Is the Illiquidity Premium Dead?

Each quarter, we survey managers across the New York Life Investments platform to gather views, identify priority themes, and pressure-test investment ideas.

The rapid return of abundant liquidity and high valuations in private markets has been a focus for our U.S. managers. Despite the likelihood of modestly rising interest rates in the coming years, factors driving demand for private asset classes are likely to endure, raising concerns about future sources of return.

The story is slightly different in Europe where decentralization, geographic fragmentation, and a still-maturing market provide ample opportunity to harvest an illiquidity premium, particularly in the mid- and lower-mid market.

While the illiquidity premium may be durably lower in some markets in years ahead, the business risk premium for investors is alive and well.

This piece examine show the oft-cited “search for yield” is playing out in a new economic cycle, how managers are adapting, and priorities for excelling in a highly competitive market.

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